About Me

My Ph.D. degree was obtained from one of the most prestigious musical authorities in the world - the Tchaikovsky Music Conservatory of Moscow and authenticated by the University of Toronto. Many years of work as a Research Musicologist, participating in international seminars and symposia, working as a University professor and a substantial number of published works in the field of musicology all contribute to making my music theory lessons interesting and informative.


  • Ph.D. in Musicology authenticated by University of Toronto
    Tchaikovsky Moscow State Music Conservatory, Moscow, Russia.

  • University Degree in Musicology and Music Education
    Azerbaijan State Music Conservatory, Baku, Azerbaijan.

Professional Associations

  • ORMTA Registered Music Teacher
  • Deputy of Chairperson of the International Commission of Science of the
    UNESCO International Organization of Folk Art (1997 - 2001)
  • Winner of the UNESCO grant for British Library qualification increase program (1998)
  • General Director of The Azerbaijan National Cultural Heritage Foundation (1996-1997)

Professional Background

  • Librarian in Canadian Music Centre, Toronto, Canada
  • Private Piano and Music Theory Teacher, Toronto, Canada; Moscow, Russia; Baku, Azerbaijan
  • Lecturer in the University of Sociology
  • Senior Researcher in the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Institute of Architecture and Art.
  • High School Music Teacher in Technical-Humanitarian High School, Baku, Azerbaijan