"It was so wonderful to have found Afruz when I was looking for someone to teach my 11 year old daughter private piano lessons. She had never had any type of music experience and Afruz was the perfect teacher. She was very knowledgeable with all aspects of piano as well as music in general. My daughter has learned so much from Afruz and really enjoys having her as a piano teacher. She is also very friendly and patient with my daughter. She encourages her to work to her full potential and I highly recommend Afruz to anyone looking for a piano teacher."

Angel, Oakville

"Afruz has been teaching my son piano since he was 7. My son is not the kind of kid who will sit for an hour playing piano, but Afruz was very patient with him and smoothly and methodically made him develop interest in piano. Because of her hard work, Zac, who is now 9 Years old, has developed an ear and passion for music that brings joy and surprise to us every time he plays. Thank you Afruz !"

Walid, Oakville

"Afruz has been teaching my 6 years old son Daniel for more than a year. She is a very professional, encouraging and patient teacher. I am very pleased to see the rapid progress of Daniel's piano skill in a few months.
I recommend Afruz to anyone who is looking for a good piano teacher."

Binbing Wang, Oakville

"Afruz has been my son’s piano teacher for more than a year. She treats him in a patient and understanding way. She focus on teaching the fundamental piano skills so that my son will build solid foundation of playing piano in the future. She also offers the option to my son to learn and practice the music that he personally likes. She is one of the few good teachers who are able to combine the practical skills and musical theory together so that my son not only learns playing piano, but also understands and enjoys the music. She is an extremely loving and caring person and my son enjoys the good time with her."

Ping, Oakville

"I have very rarely had a teacher that could not only teach me a new skill, but move me emotionally to achieve the biggest goals. Afruz has been that teacher to me. She tailored the training to my exact needs, worked patiently with me while I fumbled, and she has been a constant source of inspiration well after our classes completed. I have developed a phenomenal skill with her help, and acquired a great friendship that I cherish."

Azam, Toronto

"I am very happy to have found Afruz as the piano teacher for my 10-year old daughter, who has made amazing progress over the past six months. Afruz is a wonderful teacher and a very knowledgeable musician who goes the extra mile to ensure her students not only comprehend the information but improve with each lesson. I have no hesitations in recommending her to anyone interested in improving their piano skills."

Alyssa, Mississauga